Sales Condition

  1. User:

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  2. Products:

    1. Canceling a Product
      1. Products Cancellation Request will be eligible only if it is received within 24 hours before shipping: Contacts → Category: Order Cancellation Request.

    2. Add a new Product on a existing order:
      1. Contacts →Category: Order Editing Request.

    3. Product Customization:
      1. Our products are brand new and we can't do any customization on them.

  3. Orders:

    1. Canceling an Order
      1. Orders Cancellation Request will be eligible only if it is received within 24 hours before shipping: Contacts →Category: Order Cancellation Request.

  4. Shipment:

    1. Managing deliveries
      1. Most of the items we sell will ship quickly and be at your door fast. Items will have availability status shown once a size/color is selected on the product page; this availability status will also be shown on the shopping cart page:
        As this is an estimate only Burn Out Italy cannot refund shipping charges for shipments arriving past the estimated delivery date.
        When your order is dispatched, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number.

    2. Delivery Process
      1. Packages will require a signature.
        To facilitate delivery, it is very important to provide an address where someone will be present from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday and provide a telephone number that can be used by our staff (for information regarding your order) or by the courier in the event he has trouble delivering your order.

        Are you often away from home? .. during the purchasing process, you can change the delivery address. Take into consideration the opportunity to have your order delivered to your workplace or indicate the store or the office of a friend.

        Even if it rarely happens, when a parcel is kept on hold due to an incorrect address or because the recipient was not present during delivery, storage costs will unfortunately be charged to you.

        We also ask that you check the conditions of the package during delivery, and also pay attention to our personalized tape, which must be intact. If the package looks like it has been opened, damaged, or wet, you have to accept the package with “right to reserve”, also indicating the reason for the reserve (ex. open package). This is very important because it will allow us to dispute the damage with the shipping company, in order to request a refund.. If the package is not checked during delivery and it is not accepted with “right to reserve”, we will not be able to defend you and protect ourselves with regards to the shipping company.

    3. Partial Shipments
      1. We don't' do partial shipments.

  5. Customs:

    1. Fees:
      1. At the moment Burn Out Italy can not compensate, reimburse, cover or be responsible for any of the unpaid costs to Burn Out Italy. This includes all customs taxes or VAT, as well as any return costs you may incur in the refund process. You are responsible for any applicable brokerage or customs charges associated to your order.